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Tooth decay in children or how I managed to prove that German New Medicine is real


     Ever since I first read about GNM (German New Medicine), I have decided to prove, somehow, the authenticity of the theories supported by Dr. Hamer.

     However, it is difficult to make a clear demonstration, since, according to those theories everything starts from the mind and emotional shocks.


     But, God gave me twins for a reason. So I can study them. (joking)


     My boys, David and Erik, have a pretty similar diet. They eat pretty much the same things, without a lot of restrictions.

     David probably eats more meat, because, at kindergarten, Erik sometimes thinks he is vegetarian.

     As for tooth brushing, they always do it together, mostly before sleep, lately with homemade toothpaste, made by myself.



David and Erik at the time when they had no cavities

                                                              David and Erik at the time when they had no cavities


     Now that we’ve established that they have a similar diet and they brush just as often (the main causes of tooth decay, according to the allopathic medicine), let’s see the doctor’s opinion.

     Last month I went to the dentist, obviously not by choice, but because David was experiencing pain and a small cavity appeared in his toothSince they’re inseparable, especially in such places, rumored as horrible, I had to take them both in the cabinet, for a checkup.

     Doctor George (a very nice guy, who knows how to work with children and is able to make them leave with as few emotional shocks as possible) checked David and concluded that he has 3 cavities.


David and his 3 cavities                                                                                  The three cavities of David


     I only saw one, but he explained to me that cavities are shaped as an upside down funnel, and a spot on the tooth hides a large affected area inside, that needs to be fixed.

     Since Erik was already there, I asked the dentist to check him also. “Erik doesn’t have any cavities. He should come back in 6 months for a checkup”, he said.


erik without any decay                                                                                      Erik without any decay


     Right then, it didn’t cross my mind to ask him about the strange difference. Yesterday I remembered and said to myself that I should get an official opinion, since I will be writing about this anyway.

     Below, I will relate the conversation I had with Doctor George and Erik. David was in the chair with his mouth opened, too scared to share his thoughts.


     "Me: George (because we knew each other for some time and I’m practicing my memory for names, I allowed myself to use his first name), what do you think about the fact that David has 3 cavities and Erik none, even though they eat almost the same stuff and they brush their teeth just as often?

     Dr. George: I can’t give you a definite reason; it could be the genetic factor, but, in general, it’s not that important. There have been some studies in Norway, made by some of the best specialists in the world, concerning cavity prevention, and they couldn’t find the exact reason why cavities appear. I'd be lying if I said I know.  I’m sure one of them drinks an extra glass of Cola, or eats a little more. Maybe a glass of milk?

     Erik: Once, at kindergarten, I gave him my sausage, and David ate two, his and mine.

     Dr. George: Well, that must be it then (he said smiling, only half joking). I’m sure one of them brushes better.

     Me: Erik, how often do you brush your teeth?

     Erik: Almost never (and we smiled together, both knowing Erik’s secret about how to prevent cavities)."


     Then, Erik came near me and whispered in my ear: “When I grow up, I will give a concert and I’ll tell people how to never have any cavities”.


     I hadn't tried to explain the GNM theory to Dr. George, because, due to him being taught a certain doctrine, he wouldn’t accept such concepts. Plus, I like him and I don’t want to get into polemics for no reason.

     Every time, he was able to make my boys leave his office in a cheerful mood, which is quite amazing for allopathic medicine. I’m glad that the emotional shocks were minimal and I have to thank him for that.

     What Dr. George did not know is that my two boys have completely different personalities and they go through experiences in their own way, with different emotional shocks.

     David, who has 3 cavities, is a lot like me. He has an introverted personality and he prefers dealing with certain problems and frustrations alone.

     His teeth problems started after he stopped biting and hitting his brother.

     On the other hand, Erik, who’s nicknamed “Annoying Taunt” for the way he can drive you crazy with this irrational actions and behavior, doesn’t have any cavities.


annoying taunt


     His secret is that he hasn’t stopped biting, hitting and using inappropriate words to express his anger. He expresses his feelings immediately, moving quickly from one state to another, while his brother is left with the frustration of the past conflict.

     It is a big advantage to take lightly what people around you say or do.


     GNM explains that cavities are caused by a “bite” conflict.

     For children, cavities appear when they join a community and they can no longer act on their feelings (the urge to bite), toward teachers or other kids.

     Since last year, I noticed that, in their class, the kids with dental issues were those who were berated by their parents and teachers all the time, those who were constantly criticized. The “bad kids”, as they say.

     The kid wants to bite those who make him suffer, but, because he has no power, he keeps the anger inside and the conflict causes cavities.

     Basically, the brain orders the body to develop a cavity, in the place where the action was restrained.

     I think that the easiest way to solve such a problem is by offering the kid an alternative, something he can actually bite and thus vent his frustration and get rid of feelings of self-devaluation, that appear after this type of conflict.


stop tooth decay in children                                                                         stop tooth decay in children


     I’ve explained this to my boys and I’ve tried offering them alternatives, something to bite when they’re angry: apples, carrots, other fruits or vegetables, or even stuffed animals representing one of us.

     For example, David managed to calm down, lots of times, biting a stuffed Winnie, Erik’s favorite toy.

     These things are true for us, adults, also, so, whenever you want to strangle someone and it’s not socially accepted, you should bite something. 🙂

     It is pretty difficult to fix an already developed cavity, even though GNM explains how, as long as a tooth is alive, he can heal himself, if the conflict was solved.

     Sweets and other food items favor cavity development so a reversal becomes impossible, though, in theory, it could be.

     Once the nerve is killed, nothing can be done anymore and filling the tooth is mandatory.

     In David's case, I decided to let the first tooth, which was causing him pain and had an advanced cavity (the chocolate wafers did their part also) completely in Dr. George's hands, as for the other two cavities, I will try some alternative treatments.

     Unfortunately, it's very hard to change the nature of a person; therefore you can’t expect amazing results. I speak from experience, because sometimes it is hard to control myself, not to mention teach someone else how to react in certain situations.


sweet dreams                                                                                                 together we go over any pain


     There are many more things to say about teeth and cavities, but they’ve already been written by other people, who understand GNM much better than me. 

     I wish you a beautiful smile and don’t forget to bite, when it’s necessary. 🙂


" Translated and edited by Alex Popescu" –  best brother, content editor and writer





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One thought on “Tooth decay in children – why cavities form and what we can do

  • J Theobald

    This is a great article Vlad. Some comments;

    Dr George's comment "it could be the genetic factor" is an attempt to cover the fact that he has no idea of what the real reason is, and doesn't seem to be too excited about learning it. There is no "genetic factor".

    It's tragic that, in Norway, "some of the best  specialists in the world … couldn’t find the exact reason why cavities appear". Dr Hamer resides in Norway, and I'm certain would consult with these specialists. His web site

    I will suggest to you that this statement needs to be rethought "Sweets and other food items favor cavity development so a reversal becomes impossible, though, in theory, it could be" .

    In general, a change in diet can modify and control symptoms, yet what we ingest can neither start nor stop a "biological program". It's all in the subconscious mind.

    It would be quite interesting to follow these boys as they grow up.

    Thank you for contacting me with this article.